Ice Hockey Started As A Summer Sport

As the 2012 Summer Olympic Games ready to start tonight in London it’s difficult to visualize a bunch of hockey gamers tiing up their skates and ordering their adhere to complete in a worldwide competitors with nationwide pride and also magnificence on the line.

Ice hockey will not be on the docket in London, even though numerous followers would enjoy some hockey to carry them through the pet days of summertime.

And as curious as though to see just how rapid Jamaican sprinter Usain Screw could be on skates, we will have to wait until the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia to get our Olympic ice hockey repair.

However, 92 years ago Olympic ice hockey was birthed not throughout those cool winter season yet rather in Antwerp, Belgium during the 1920 Olympic Summer Gamings.

At the time, the Wintertime Olympics were nonexistent so figure skating athletes and also ice hockey gamers were welcomed to complete in Belgium instead.

When the 1916 Olympic Gamings were terminated as a result of World War I, the very first ice hockey tournament was shelved up until the 1920 Gamings, as was the very first Globe Championship. Formerly the Ligue International de Hockey sur Glace, founded in 1908 and now known as the International Ice Hockey Federation, organized European champions, starting in 1910, but there had yet to be a world competition showcasing the United States as well as Canada.

Both North American groups were officially approved right into the globe federation throughout the 1920 Games, which occurred from April 23-29.

In 1920, 7 countries – the USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Sweden, Switzerland as well as Czechoslovakia – took a trip to Antwerp searching for the first-ever hockey gold medal. The various other two nations in the LIHG, Germany as well as Austria, did not take part in the Olympics therefore of World War I.

The 1920s variation of Olympic hockey was really various compared to the contemporary version. The competition included teams of seven on the ice, the additional player was described as a “rover,” challenging in games consisting of two 20-minute durations. There were no substitutions as well as if a player obtained hurt the other group was called for to sit among their very own.

The tournament included an “elimination style” style created by the Swede Bergvall, president of the Swedish Swimming Organization, offering each loser an additional opportunity, but it did not truly attend to how to decide the silver and also bronze medals.

Canada and the United States took the Olympic Gamings by storm controling their European counterparts inside the Ice Palace of Antwerp.

In opening up rounded activity Tony Conroy (8 objectives) and also the United States racked up an objective a min for the initial 13 mins in a 29-0 route of Switzerland, while Canada, who was represented by the Winnipeg Falcons, breezed past Czechoslovakia 15-0.

The Falcons were invited to stand for Canada at the Gamings after they defeated the College of Toronto for the Canadian Champion prior to the start of the Olympics.

France was granted a bye from the preliminary of the 1920 Summertimes Games, and Sweden handed the host-country Belgium an 8-0 loss.

Canada reined supreme by beating the United States in the following round of activity 2-0 earning themselves a gold medal matchup with Sweden after the Swedes knocked France from the tournament, 4-0.

Canada grabbed its third triumph of the Gamings and the inaugural gold medal by quickly defeating Sweden, 12-1.

In a strange situation, inning accordance with David Wallechinsky in The Full Book of the Wintertime Olympics (2002 Version), the tournament policies had the USA, Sweden as well as Czechoslovakia taking on for the silver medal after all 3 had actually shed to Canada formerly.

The United States posted back-to-back nothings over Sweden (7-0) as well as the Czechs (16-0) to solidify the North American supremacy versus its European rivals to gain the silver medal.

One more peculiarity of the 1920s Olympic Ice Hockey competition was that Czechoslovakia won the bronze medal by beating Sweden, 1-0, despite not scoring a solitary objective till that game. The Czechs had actually been previously outscored 31-0 entering the bronze-medal game.

As Oscar Soderlund wrote in the Stockholms-Tidinger, Canada and also the USA were simply far too above their opponents.

” Every player on the rink [throughout the Canada-USA suit] was an excellent acrobat on skates, skated at tremendous rate despite himself or any person else, leapt over sticks and players easily and grace, transformed dramatically with excellent simplicity and also without losing speed, and also skated in reverse just as easily as forwards.”


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